About Us

Designs by Euphoria is a designer jewelry brand founded in the summer of 2019, by two sisters with a big dream to offer beautiful and timeless jewelry.

With much thought, hard work and compassion put into our work , we designed  gorgeous jewelry that would appeal to each and every one of you. We blend in only the best materials to come up with all of our designs and this means that our jewelry pieces will last forever.

Every piece on offer has been through a long process, handled with love. This process consists of:

  • The Model: We collect inspiration from many places around us, including our customers thoughts, to sketch and design a gorgeous piece our whole community would love.
  • The Mold: Quality metals such as 925 Sterling Silver are poured into a unique mold, and then left in.
  • The Plating: Each piece is then electroplated with gold to turn out as an 18K gold plated jewelry piece.
  • The Polish: Once the process of electroplating is completed, the jewelry piece will then be polished well to bring out the best everlasting shine possible.
  • Assembly: Extra parts such as Cubic Zirconia Diamonds are then attached, one by one, to the piece.
  • Packing: The piece is then safely packed with love to be sent off to our customers destination. We choose only the best delivery services to get your orders to your destination in less than 6 days with care! It pleases us everyday to be able to provide quality jewels to all of our customers, and bring in happiness to their life.

We believe that everyone should cherish all the small things in life, just like beautiful pieces of jewelry, which spice up every single outfit, have a valuable meaning, and make every woman and man stand out and feel good about themselves, just like they should!

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